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I celebrate the joy and wonder

Posted by DNA Activator on February 17, 2017 at 3:45 AM



I arise this day and present myself before the Beloved One


that always loves me into great joy and liberation. The One


that has loved all creation into expression and form. I attach


myself to the Father's love just as he attaches Himself to the


Sons of Flesh. This day I become the weight and measure of


heaven on earth.



As a dimension of flesh and spirit I ask that the Higher


Intelligence working with YHWH (YAHWEH), the eternal mind,


come into me and use me as a Light unto my fellowman. I empty


myself of the "confusions of the world" and execute the redemptive


energy of the Body of Light consciousness. I consciously intone


the new frequency scriptures of the cosmic selfhood. I absorb and


integrate the remembrance of the Christ body of Light.


This star in the sky comes to awaken my Inner Universe and


transfigure my biological field to more intensely radiate the presence


of Source spatialized in physical matter. Through this merkabah


gateway I shall overcome "conditioned limitations" so that the soul


can be creatively reunited with the Christ Overself.



With gratitude, I celebrate the joy and wonder this divine prescription


brings to my life. I release this order of light to the Law of Mind which


forges the spectrum of its existence perfectly in my world. And so it is.




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