DNA 12 Strand Activation

21st century -opening to being who you are.

By activating the  DNA we can begin  existing in the fifth dimension more and more as we will then be able to bring more spiritual Light into the body and raise our vibration into alignment with our Beingness
The DNA Activation session includes:

Opening your  Heart to be able to receive more.

 Bathing your body in the  Mahatma energy 
Activating the DNA  with a gentle yet powerful process

 Opening the the emotional body to be able to hold more light

 Opening  the mental body to be able to hold more light~
 Opening the Spiritual body to more light

 Activating the energy flow

 Activating cellular awareness
Benefits include:
clearing  the emotional body and the mental bodies of unhelpful patterns

~clearing at a cellular level of false beliefs, judgments and genetically inherited
    patterns and past life events

 increased Light within the body at a cellular level as the atoms and molecules   
   spin faster in increased Light frequencies

shifting  consciousness to your next level
experiencing a deeper potential for more harmony and love
 forgiving and letting go of old karmic ties, oaths, vows, promises and contracts held in the Akashic Records
 experiencing a deeper connection to your Higher Light and your Spiritual Commitee
~experiencing a growing sense of Self Mastery and having the ability to magnetise  more of what supports you  to co-create this reality