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Mooji -What I keep pointing to is totally natural.

Posted by DNA Activator on June 23, 2013 at 5:30 AM

What I keep pointing to is totally natural.


It is without effort.


It is who we are and what we are.


It is beyond all qualities—ineffable.


But we have long embraced a mental construct of Self, to such an extent that like a reflex, as soon as there arises an insight into the Real, our attention jumps back immediately into the conditioned state of being.


However, this is seen also.


Therefore, it is only an appearance.


Be in the place or position only of the seeing without identity or judgement.


Don't be in the noodle house of concepts.


Now contemplate this question:


Can that which sees all be seen also?


This contemplation throws one right back into


one's original being. Here, one remains beyond doubt that one's self is the indivisible Truth.


~ Mooji

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