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Everyone is your Ally

Posted by DNA Activator on May 19, 2012 at 8:30 AM

One final thing...I feel it's vital to understand that everyone in your life is trying (on some conscious or unconscious level) to help you get out of your box.

Every new person you meet is a potential best friend, and those who seem to be your enemy are simply your greatest teachers in disguise.

So just take this moment to notice where your thickest walls and issues seem to exist in your mind. If you cannot seem to find or remember them, just think about who or what was a "problem" in your life last week.

Then thank these illusions for giving you the experience of being separate from your real enlightened free nature. For without these hindrances, you would never know what it feels like to become more conscious and evolve.

 We are constantly participating in the world of polarity, duality, and when you meet it consciously, head on, you transcend it all.

 So I invite you to take this day to be grateful for whatever box you are in. No matter what form it takes, or how vague and convoluted it may seem, and appreciate it for what it is. Give it love for it is the next essential step in your awakening journey towards experiencing the amazing enlightened being you really are.

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