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Your Akashic Records

Posted by DNA Activator on May 18, 2012 at 3:30 AM


The akashic records pertain to your life in many ways.

A beginning is found in pathways through the past.

It is within the fabric of time and space itself that the thoughts, deeds and daily life experiences are recorded.

It is through this record that the individual is drawn to or pushed away, being repelled from the "ideal" type.

Think of this in a simple manner, that the activities of a day in your life

either make you feel "good" or "bad," like a success or a failure.

Those activities depend on how you choose to apply those feelings,which indeed are

lessons that either "pull" you further into that path or "push" you away from it.

It is how you choose to view these situations-opportunities-that gives your soul in this life its

material expression and physical manifestation.

This is a life that is not solely based in this life but in the unfulfilled destinies and

experiences of past lives. If you can focus on the opportunities that

are presented and direct them toward positive attainment, without

being pulled into negative affirmations, then the experiences that

present themselves will be, hopefully, directed toward the completion of a life mission.

It is the hope that the individual with hope and desire can complete

that experience with a positive outcome that furthers that

individual's awareness. It is through hope that in seeing the "real"

self-the unconscious self that is not influenced by the material, as

it existed at one with the universal mind and creation in its original

conception-that the experiences on the material plane within the third

dimension are designed to create options for the optimal individual

life success. With the experiences and activities that arise as you go

about your day and the urges that arise from these moments and

material circumstances you will recognize the direction that needs to

be taken to resolve conflicts that pull you away from positive growth.


These cycles of opportunity are recurring, giving individuals an

increased chance of learning by correcting where they went wrong.

These take the form of living records that modify and adapt with each

changing decision the individual makes. So it is said, nothing is

written in stone. There are many aspects of this that can be

quantified; the astrological aspects trace the journey of the

individual soul.

In this there are the recurring themes of "houses,"

or astrological patterns that hint to the past lives that impact you

here and now. Then there is what we call the "organic factor," which

is the instinctive part of you that is based in your inherent likes

and dislikes. Through this the individul's organic traits come into

play. This goes to what you are automatically drawn to-chemically

determined by the physiological aspects of your physical makeup.

This is where the encodements of your past lives, or the generational

aspects of your lineage, exist within your current DNA, speaking to

the "family" lineage of this life (your mother's and father's lines)

and that of your past lives.

All are encoded in your current strains

of DNA. Within this framework is the ongoing chronology of your soul

and life history passed down through generations and lifetimes. The

human genome is the storage facility of your past, present and future.

All that has been, from the elements to traits found within your

being, is stored here and it is within these component features of

yourself that everything about you that has been and will be, actually

or potentially, awaits.

Here is, in part, an example of a

"personalized aspect" of the akashic records that exist between the

individual's soul and earthy manifestation, maintaining a bridge

between dimensional awarenesses.

When you look at many of the choices you have made, they are based in

the cumulative actions that you have manifested since your origin of

conception that goes back to the time you chose to incarnate into

physical life.

You chose the dynamics that you came to contract with

for the experiences they encompass and the lessons they will provide

for you. This is not a type of stone-clad written contract because, as

we have told you, free will constantly modifies the choices you make

in relationship to what you initially agreed to experience in this

manifestation. So when we use the word "contract," we mean your

agreement to make a physical manifestation.

It infers a consciouschoice on the spirit level to have a physical life out of the choices

you had at the time, to meet and reach the ideals that you want to

achieve. The interpretation of how these living records pertain to

your current life reflects the combined choices you have made over

lifetimes. It also is based on the combined choices of your parents,

grandparents and other ancestors (in this lifetime and their previous

lifetimes), since your genetic code is derived from their genetic

code. Since cells retain their trace memories, your cells also retain

some of the trace memories of your ancestors.

It is a living chronology of life that your soul is here in physical form to master

and learn from. Indeed, the soul and the life it chooses will take on

the lessons from the experiences and understandings that have been

determined by the nature of the beast, or the individual, and the

influences "it" has chosen to surround itself with. Through these

influences, you will see your individualized nature unfold. The

akashic records are always changing with each choice you make, always

rerouting the options you have to make the most of your life and

reflect the individual's relationship to the divine.

You choose consciously the environment you place yourself in. This is

not necessarily the planned environment that would come from the

unconscious self, but usually the environment that comes from the

material effects your life has led you to, through the experiences you

have had. This environment cannot be changed by just thinking or

wishing it so, but solely by proactive choice.

You can singularly view

and think about the nature of yourself and the life you are living.

This process, enriched by the constructive influences and positive

environments you have experienced, can be further enriched by the

creative processes that can only be derived from your connection to

the divine. It is the negative influences that deter you from your

true path and limit the "akashic self" from its path of enlightened


After all, you have never heard of a moldy piece of bread

making the rest of the loaf good, have you? So, you see, your

processes are more about regression than progression-an ironic fact of

your choice to manifest into third dimension awareness, where you are

constantly being tested in your attempt to reestablish your oneness

with the creative forces of the unlimited perfection of the creation

process itself. In this sense, you are a cocreator with God Itself.

Michel through David Reid Lowell

Sedona Journal of Emergence~ January 2007

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