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Don't mentalize and verbalize.

Posted by DNA Activator on May 2, 2015 at 9:30 AM

Questioner: All my life I was striving and achieved so little.

I was reading, I was listening - all in vain.


Maharaj: Listening and reading became a habit with you.


Q: I gave it up too.

I do not read nowadays.


M: What you gave up is of no importance now.

What have you not given up?.

Find that out and give up that.

Sadhana is a search for what to give up.

Empty yourself completely.


Q: How can a fool desire wisdom?

One needs to know the object of desire, to desire it.

When the Supreme is not known, how can it be desired?


M: Man naturally ripens and becomes ready for realisation.


Q: But what is the ripening factor?


M: Self-remembrance, awareness of 'l am' ripens him powerfully and speedily.

Give up all ideas about yourself and simply be.


Q: I am tired of all the ways and means and skills and tricks, of all these mental acrobatics.

Is there a way to perceive reality directly and immediately?


M: Stop making use of your mind and see what happens.

Do this one thing thoroughly.

That is all.


Q: When I was younger, I had strange experiences, short but memorable, of being nothing, just nothing, yet fully conscious.

But the danger is that one has the desire to recreate from memory the moments that have passed.


M: This is all imagination.

In the light of consciousness all sorts of things happen and one need not give special importance to any.

The sight of a flower is as marvellous as the vision of God.

Let them be.

Why remember them and then make memory into a problem?

Be bland about them; do not divide them into high and low, inner and outer, lasting and transient.

Go beyond, go back to the source, go to the self that is the same whatever happens.

Your weakness is due to your conviction that you were born into the world.

In reality the world is ever recreated in you and by you.

See everything as emanating from the light which is the source of your own being.

You will find that in that light there is love and infinite energy.


Q: If I am that light, why do I not know it?


M: To know, you need a knowing mind, a mind capable of knowing.

But your mind is ever on the run, never still, never fully reflecting.

How can you see the moon in all her glory when the eye is clouded with disease?


Q: Can we say that while the sun is the cause of the shadow one cannot see the sun in the shadow.

One must turn round.


M: Again you have introduced the trinity of the sun, the body and shadow.

There is no such division in reality.

What I am talking about has nothing to do with dualities and trinities.

Don't mentalize and verbalize.

Just see and be.


Q: Must I see, to be?


M: See what you are.

Don't ask others, don't let others tell you about yourself.

Look within and see.

All the teacher can tell you is only this.

There is no need of going from one to another.

The same water is in all the wells.

You just draw from the nearest.

In my case the water is within me and I am the water.


~ From Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj's 'I AM THAT', ch.43.

Clear insight into the heart of man

Posted by DNA Activator on April 25, 2015 at 2:45 PM

Questioner: How can I make out who is a real saint and who is not?


Maharaj: You cannot, unless you have a clear insight into the heart of man.

Appearances are deceptive.

To see clearly, your mind must be pure and unattached.

Unless you know yourself well, how can you know another?

And when you know yourself - you are the other.


Leave others alone for some time and examine yourself.

There are so many things you do not know about yourself - what are you, who are you, how did you come to be born, what are you doing now and why, where are you going, what is the meaning and purpose of your life, your death, your future?

Have you a past, have you a future?

How did you come to live in turmoil and sorrow, while your entire being strives for happiness and peace?

These are weighty matters and have to be attended to first.

You have no need, nor time for finding who is a jnani and who is not?


Q: I must select my Guru rightly.


M: Be the right man and the right Guru will surely find you.


Q: You are not answering my question: how to find the right Guru?


M: But I did answer your question.

Do not look for a Guru, do not even think of one.

Make your goal your Guru.

After all, the Guru is but a means to an end, not the end in itself.

He is not important, it is what you expect of him that matters to you.

Now, what do you expect?


Q: By his grace I shall be made happy, powerful and peaceful.


M: What ambitions!

How can a person limited in time and space, a mere body-mind, a gasp of pain between birth and death, be happy?

The very conditions of its arising make happiness impossible.

Peace, power, happiness, these are never personal states, nobody can say 'my peace', 'my power' - because 'mine' implies exclusivity, which is fragile and insecure.


Q: I know only my conditioned existence; there is nothing else.


M: Surely, you cannot say so.

In deep sleep you are not conditioned.

How ready and willing you are to go to sleep, how peaceful, free and happy you are when asleep!


Q: I know nothing of it.


M: Put it negatively.

When you sleep, you are not in pain, nor bound, nor restless.


Q: I see your point.

While awake, I know that I am, but am not happy; in sleep I am, I am happy, but I don't know it.

All I need is to know that I am free and happy.


M: Quite so.

Now, go within, into a state which you may compare to a state of waking sleep, in which you are aware of yourself, but not of the world.

In that state you will know, without the least trace of doubt, that at the root of your being you are free and happy.

The only trouble is that you are addicted to experience and you cherish your memories.

In reality it is the other way round; what is remembered is never real; the real is now.


Q: All this I grasp verbally, but it does not become a part of myself.

It remains as a picture in my mind to be looked at.

Is it not the task of the Guru to give life to the picture?


M: Again, it is the other way round.

The picture is alive; dead is the mind.

As the mind is made of words and images, so is every reflection in the mind.

It covers up reality with verbalisation and then complains.

You say a Guru is needed, to do miracles with you.

You are playing with words only.

The Guru and the disciple are one single thing, like the candle and its flame.

Unless the disciple is earnest, he cannot be called a disciple.

Unless a Guru is all love and self-giving, he cannot be called a Guru.

Only reality begets reality, not the false.


Q: I can see that I am false.

Who will make me true?


M: The very words you said will do it.

The sentence: ' I can see that I am false' contains all you need for liberation.

Ponder over it, go into it deeply, go to the root of it; it will operate.

The power is in the word, not in the person.


~ From Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj's 'I AM THAT', ch. 84.

Only self-knowledge can help you

Posted by DNA Activator on April 22, 2015 at 2:45 PM

Merely assuaging fears and satisfying desires will not remove this sense of emptiness you are trying to escape from; only self-knowledge can help you.

By self-knowledge I mean full knowledge of what you are not.

Such knowledge is attainable and final; but to the discovery of what you are, there can be no end.

The more you discover, the more there remains to discover.


You don't require anything.

Posted by DNA Activator on April 22, 2015 at 2:40 PM

"Whenever there is a sense of individuality, personality, or a separateness, you have so many wants.

You want to see a movie, you want to hear music, you want to play, you want to have sex, you want to eat fancy foods, you want to consume intoxicant, but when that sense of separateness is not there, when you are one with the totality, these things are not desired.

Spirituality or what you call 'religion' is mainly to understand this: that you don't require anything."