DNA 12 Strand Activation

21st century -opening to being who you are.


I have been a DNA 12 Strand Activation  specialist sharing the magic of  DNA Activation  since 2003.

I studied and applied  Orin & DaBen material for 18 + years and I am a graduate and teacher of the Luminessence Light Body work, and  attended live seminars in Ashland with Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.

I facilitated an advanced Ascension Study Group  since 2000 .

This includes anchoring the new energies onto the earth.

I am a very  an experienced international DNA 12 Strand Activator and have been invited to take my work to groups from Penzance to Edinburgh. My international clientele includes people from Canada, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, West Africa, USA, and Australia.

Feedback from people who have worked with me

''Let me fill you in on the impact the activation had.  It is a typical case of "When the student is ready, the teacher will come".  
Our session was during a time when I was reading "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle.  I also became friends with a fellow who is very interested in your work because he is a mental health therapist and refers to what he calls the body memory in his therapy sessions with clients. 
 Between the DNA activation, the Pain-body and ego that Tolle refers to and the body memory that my friend discusses, it has all had a tremendous impact on my awareness and my reactions to events and even casual chats with freinds and customers in my shop. 
I have begun to resolve / let go of so much baggage from my past.  I am experiencing a calmness that I have never known before.   All in all a fantastic experience - thank you.
Thank you for everything. 
Irene Cabay,
'Northern Treasures'
Canada '

'Zannie Rose is a healer among healers.  Eclectic
threads from her extensive background are woven into a
beautiful fabric of great comfort.  Her connection to
the Divine and Divine guidance was strongly evident in
my session, as she picked up on cues that others have
missed.  If you have a chance to be guided by this
“master”, you can count yourself among the truly

 Clare Goodwin, Intuitive Counselor & Artist

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